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Surviving Coronavirus: An Action Plan for Fitness Professionals

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Coronavirus has changed life as we know it, forcing us out of work and into the confinements of our own homes for 23 hours each day. As fitness professionals, we have lost our gyms for the foreseeable future, probably taking a good chunk of our earnings each month with it. Some of you reading this may be worried about how you are going to get through the next few months and feeling like you simply can’t earn without being in the gym. However, with the development of greater technologies there are more ways than ever to serve your customers, find new clients and potentially build a business that will keep growing after the pandemic has ended. So what are the ways you can survive, or even thrive, during this period?

Here are 5 actionable ideas you can follow:

1. Start delivering online classes

The most obvious way you can survive the Coronavirus pandemic as a group fitness instructor is to take your classes from the gym to an online setting. Many people have been using the Zoom app to do this. Some participants switch off from virtual as it lacks that personal connection and sociability that we go to group fitness classes for. Whilst being similar to virtual classes, you are physically taking part and viewing the class as it happens, keeping that personal connection and getting as close to a live class experience as possible! You will be able to charge people to join the class and give people that personal touch. Ricky Long has created some fabulous content about delivering online classes.

2. Start a membership program

A great way to create a recurring monthly income from your services is to create a membership package for them. This could be 3 online classes per week for a set monthly price, a mix of classes and a programme you will send them, E-books, recipes or access to an exercise bank with technique videos. By selling a monthly membership you will be able to serve more people as well as having a better idea of how much money will be coming in to your bank each month.

3. Start online coaching

If you have a personal training qualification then you may want to look into online coaching. Online coaching can mean that you are delivering a virtual PT session or you are just checking in with your clients via Whatsapp/text and sending them pdf files of the programme they should be following. There are a multitude of people more qualified than me to talk about online coaching and the best ways to execute it; check out Phil Graham’s work for some fantastic knowledge bombs and industry tips.

4. Produce E-books or guides

Helping people stay motivated doesn’t meant that you have to be physically or virtually present for all of it. E-books and guides are a good way of connecting with a large amount of people at one time. These could be workout guides, recipe books or even educational pieces. They are generally low cost items but can be resold an unlimited amount of times, so putting the effort in to create something worthwhile now can still be making you some income once we are out of quarantine.

5. Try something non fitness related

With all the downtime we have been given, maybe you should take this opportunity to pursue something outside the fitness industry? Take that online course that you have been looking at, read some books, develop that business idea that’s been sitting in your head for years. It is incredibly unlikely that we will ever be gifted this much free time in our lifetimes, so make use of it!

Saying all this, if you know you can ride out this storm and still keep housed and fed for potentially 1-3 months, don’t sweat about doing anything you don’t want to. Nobody is forcing you to move your business online and you won’t be falling behind if you just want to go back to your old routine once this is all over. Maybe you want to use this time to sit back, recover and enjoy a slower pace of life than we are used to; that is absolutely fine. Whatever you are doing, remember to stay safe, stay inside and WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS!


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