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What to keep in your gym bag as a group fitness instructor

When starting out group fitness instructor it can be a little bit intimidating thinking about everything you need to remember. You're already stressed about remembering your routine and not saying anything stupid, you don't want to cause yourself extra stress by forgetting something essential. By having everything prepared in your gym bag in advance, you have one less thing to concentrate on and can focus on delivering a killer class. Here's my suggestions of what to keep in your bag, based on my experience and some hard learned lessons:

A box with essential accessories

There are a lot of little accessories and technical bits and bobs you need to have a successful group fitness class. These can often get really dirty and broken when just thrown in your gym bag, so I suggest keeping them in a little box, such as this fitness instructors essential box. Your box should contain some microphone windshields, spare batteries for the microphone, an aux cable for the stereo and an adaptor for your phone/ipod.

Microphone belt

Having a microphone belt helps keep the microphone you are using free from sweat and keeps it protected. If you just clip it to your leggings/shorts and jump around, it's going to get damaged pretty quickly and your group exercise manager won't be too happy with you! Especially in the post COVID world, a mic belt is an essential piece of kit.

Your music source

This can be a phone, tablet, laptop, CD, whatever you fancy! From experience I would recommend not relying on bluetooth or wifi connections for your playlists (I've learned this the hard way!) Most gyms will have an aux cable attachment so make sure you have a way to connect to this, or buy an adaptor if you have an iphone 7 or newer!

Back up music source

Again, I've learned this the hard way. Have a back up copy of go to playlists - something you can teach without even thinking about it. Have this stored on a separate device like an old style ipod or CD that you know will be reliable and won't run out of battery.

Device charger

The last thing you want is to roll up to teach and discover you have 14% battery to get you through two classes. All sound systems in gyms will be located next to a power point so there will likely be somewhere for you to charge your device whilst teaching. Saves you from running out of music halfway through!

Change of clothes

Fitness instructing is a sweaty career and the worst feeling is having to stay in your damp clothes when they are stinky and sweaty. Have some clean clothes in your gym bag to change into after you teach.

Deodorant and body spray

Keeping with the smelly and sweaty theme! Keep deodorant and body spray in your bag to keep you smelling fresh after classes. This is especially important if you don't have time or facilities to change.

If you are a new fitness instructor and want some more tips on how to kickstart your new career, check out the GFT Fitness Instructor Start-Up Guide. Have a look around the rest of the blog to find some more tips and resources!


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