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How to diversify your fitness career

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

A career in the fitness industry is incredibly flexible as you don’t need to pigeonhole yourself into one specialism. Unlike an office job where you are hired to perform a certain role, the skills needed to be a successful personal trainer, group fitness instructor or coach are transferable. The knowledge you accrue from one training course can be applied to many different areas of your work . One of the biggest problems faced by fitness industry workers is income stability, especially during these unpredictable times. The best way to overcome this is to create a diverse career where you are not reliant on one client or one source of income to pay your bills. So, how can you do this within the fitness industry?

1. Teach a wider style of classes If you just teach one style of class then you will only have the opportunities to teach as much of that as you body will allow and there will only be a certain level of demand for that class. If you teach three styles of classes then you have three times as much earning potential and there will be three times as many opportunities for you to take.

2. Run classes in parks or village hall Often as group fitness instructors, we are at the mercy of a gym whether our class stays on the timetable or not. You can run fitness classes in village halls or bootcamps in the local park and charge people per class or offer them a promotional price for a block of sessions. You can run as many or as few classes as you want, charge what you want and never have to worry about losing your class! Check with the venue you are looking to use about whether you will need a license to operate.

3. Train to be a PT Training to be a personal trainer is a great way to diversify your fitness career. You will then be able to offer your services to class members and encourage your one to one clients into your classes. You will be able to fill up spaces in your diary when group fitness classes generally don’t operate with personal training clients. If you lose a few classes you can focus more on PT or vice versa.

4. Deliver sessions to corporate clients Corporate wellness has become a big growth area over recent years. Companies are becoming more aware of the importance of looking after their employees and many are looking for people to come in and deliver yoga or pilates sessions in their offices. Corporate clients generally pay a lot better than health clubs as well!

5. Launch online training programs If you want the ability to help more people or want to niche down to help a specific clientele, online training could be for you. It doesn’t require you to be in a certain place at a certain time and may give you the flexibility you desire.

6. Launch a blog or podcast A blog or podcast can be a good way to earn extra income and release your creative juices. You can talk about anything you desire, and it can help you generate clients for your fitness business. You can also monetise by taking sponsors and placing ads on your site.

7. Become a brand affiliate Social media marketing and influencing has really taken off in the last few years. Brands are looking for people to promote their products to their audience and will pay you for doing so. Affiliate relationships differ; some will give you a coupon code that you will earn commission every time somebody uses, others will pay you a set fee for a post on Instagram or Facebook. You will obviously need some sort of social media following to be able to execute this strategy. If you’re looking to build a following for your fitness business then check out this post.

8. Do something non fitness! The beauty of a career in the fitness industry is that you can do it full time or part time. You can diversify from teaching group fitness by doing absolutely anything. I have friends who are graphic designers, lawyers, solicitors, firefighters and work in offices.

The above are just a few ways that you can diversify your fitness career. If you are just starting off on your fitness journey, check out our free mini course “how to kickstart your fitness career in 60 minutes.” In under an hour you’ll learn about qualifications, finding work and a whole lot more!


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