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Motivation to train during quarantine

Since the world went into lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic you’d be excused for feeling a bit under the weather and losing some of your mojo. As we are all stuck inside, it can be easy to lose motivation for anything, let alone training. As fitness professionals we all know the importance of exercise and movement, both mentally and physically, and it’s something we all love to do. What can you do to prioritise getting some movement into your days and find the motivation to get up off the sofa?

Do something fun The one thing we all need right now is a reason to smile, so try and find a form of exercise that is fun. It doesn’t have to be your usual structured weight training plan to be doing you good. This could be running with your partner, bike rides with your children or just a fun online dance class. If you’ve lost a bit of your training mojo then having something to look forward to will make it easier to put those trainers on and get to it.

Create a plan Structure and routine are easy ways to create a habit. However, when your routine has been pulled from underneath you it can be easy to slip back into less productive ways. Creating a plan for your training will help bring some of that structure back. You may have been following a structured plan already that you just need to tweak to accommodate your home workouts, or you may have just been using the classes you teach as your own training. Write down your planned sessions for the next couple of weeks with a goal of what you would like to achieve by the end of it.

Put it in your diary At the minute it is incredibly easy to lose track of days and times. Personally, I usually have such busy days that are filled with structure that this complete freedom each day has really thrown me. I’ve started creating appointments in my calendar for each of my planned workouts. No matter what I am doing, when that notification goes off, I get up, put my workout gear on and get it done. We all love to put things off until the last minute, and often end up just not doing them at all, so putting that appointment in your diary makes it feel like an obligation.

Find someone to help keep you accountable Accountability is so important for staying on track and often as fitness professionals we act as the accountable person for many of our clients and members. However, when the tables turn, we also need someone to help keep us accountable. If you are self-isolating alone this can be even harder to accomplish. Reach out to a friend or family member and ask them to be your accountability partner. You can send them a picture after you have done your workout, or if they live with you maybe they’ll join in (or shout motivational lines from the sofa). I’ve started posting to my personal Instagram story before every workout as my own way of keeping accountable. Nobody is probably noticing that I’m doing this, but it’s helping me to keep up with my daily movement goals.

Accept what is achievable right now Unless you have a gym in your garage (in which case I am so jealous!) then it is unlikely you have access to the same equipment and weights as normal, so what you will be able to achieve will be different. Whilst going through a global pandemic, it’s unfair to put pressure on yourself to keep smashing your goals with increased stress and reduced access to kit. It’s ok to take a few steps back and focus on maintaining where you are, or just exercising to feel healthy and clear that mental head-space. You probably aren’t going to hit a PB bench press or smash your 10k run time during quarantine and that is absolutely fine. Accept what you can do right now and celebrate the small victories.


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